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Phil is a physiotherapist with over 15 years experience working in private practice and is still a keen athlete. It all started from Phil being a high level athlete as a young man competing as a sprinter for Essex and at National competitions. This led him to pursue a career in the sporting world, that started in 1996 graduating with a Sports Science degree (BSc Hons). This sparked his interest into furthering his education completing a Diploma in Remedial Massage  (LCSP)  Diploma in Sports Therapy (DIp. ST) and then becoming a Chartered Physiotherapist (CSP).


Phil has worked in several clinical settings including elite professional sport and has been fortunate enough to build a rapport with local specialists, helping a wide and diverse range of patients recover from many injuries. His main interest lies in sports injuries and he has many links to local sports clubs and schools in Havering and the surrounding area where he assists in the treatment and rehabilitation of the teams and individuals.


Phil uses his knowledge from his varied educational background and recognises the importance of how exercise plays an integral role in the recovery and reduction of injury. Being a sportsman himself he understands the passion, dedication, and desire all athletes, both professional and amateur alike have for a speedy return to fitness and performance after injury. 

  • Qualifications.

Sports Science Degree (BSc Hons)

Remedial Massage Diploma (LCSP)

Diploma in Sports Therapy (DIp. ST)

Physiotherapy Degree (BSc Hons)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (C.S.P)

London County Society of Physiologists (L.C.S.P)

Physio First (Physio’s in Private Practice) (A.C.P.P.P)

Health Professions Council (H.P.C)

Association Physiotherapists in Sport (A.C.P.S.M)


Phil is also a Freeman of the City of London

Mr Phil Sadler

MSCP, BSc (Hons), LCSP (Phys), 
ST Dip.
Chartered Physiotherapist
HPC No: PH75839

  • Memberships.

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