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What to expect.

The first session will begin with a detailed consultation assessing the nature and extent of the injury/problems; this is mainly achieved by communicating in a polite, ethical and sympathetic way.


The physiotherapist will also ask questions relating to the patient’s general health in order to identify any pre-existing conditions and will also want to know details of any allergies or phobias which may alter the treatment methods they offer.


Following this a full clinical examination and observation will proceed and the patient will be asked to move and perform some exercises so that the physiotherapist can identify any issues to devise a suitable treatment plan. 


Depending on the nature of the patient’s condition, the session may include massage therapy, stretching and exercising and the use of electrotherapy. 


The physiotherapist will then suggest a range of suitable exercises and stretches to carry out at home or in the gym. They may also offer practical advice concerning a patient’s diet and lifestyle.


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